Our Story


Verdejo, creator and founder of Hyper Skin.
I set out to create Hyper Skin after months of crazy breakouts while I was pregnant with my first child. I always struggled with acne but the hormonal breakouts and dramatic dark marks that covered my skin then were unlike anything I’d ever experienced. At the time, I owned a popular beauty boutique, Vivrant Beauty, so I was surrounded by premium skincare products, and yet even I couldn’t find effective solutions on the market that catered to me. After searching high and low, I set out to create my own solution.
Our first product, Hyper Clear, is a vitamin C serum with a blend of hyper-effective clean and natural ingredients like vitamin e, kojic acid, turmeric and bearberry that work together to brighten skin, smooth texture and drastically treat hyperpigmentation. I wanted to make something affordable. I wanted to make something beautiful. And I really needed to make something that worked. After two years, we accomplished those goals with Hyper Skin and I can’t wait for people to get their hands on it.
It’s time to #gethyper!